Thy Club and Thy Staff tees up twenty-one devotions bringing together the basics of good golf and the fundamentals of strong faith. These insightful reflections give readers guidance for honing their skills on the course and on their walk of faith. Meredith Wright Kirk brings passion for God and a lifelong love for golf to these approachable and inspiring meditations. Even the most seasoned golf professional knows how the mechanics of one's swing quickly can go awry and how the smallest changes in angle and arc yield frustrating slices and trips into the rough. Living out one's faith in God presents the same sorts of challenges; small changes in the hidden recesses of one's faith result in drastic turns in one's path of discipleship. Thy Club and Thy Staff brings together the wisdom of faith and sport to strengthen both, whether the practitioner is a beginner or a seasoned veteran. When your game is at the top of its form and you are swinging straight and true, these devotionals provide wisdom, helping you seek God's help in living your faith with the same kind of rhythm and timing and flow. When you enter rough patches, and both your swing and your faith feel erratic and off-kilter, the simple truths in these devotionals, gleaned from the word of God and the wisdom of golf will guide you along the path leading to renewed trust in God's grace and to refreshed technique on the golf course.